• "You" means you the client and your guests.
  • "iCandi Photobooth" means us the service provider.
  • "Booking Form" refers to the online Booking Form contained on our website or any signed and or printed version of this form. 


  • Within 10 meters of a power outlet.
  • 2 x 3 meters of space to set up and operate without blocking foot traffic.
  • A minimum ceiling height of 2 meters
  • The renter is responsible for providing a solid level area large enough for the photo booth, protected from rain, wind and other elements, and within 10 meters of a standard electrical outlet.
  • A table to lay the props out / two square tables
  • A small table to set up scrapbook station if ordered
  • A table cloth would also be preferable


Booking Form

  • We require booking forms to be completed and returned by email in order to place the booking. All details stated on the booking form will be taken as given unless iCandi Photobooth are otherwise notified in email or writing.

Payment terms

  • Once you have sent in your booking form your booking is confirmed and you are liable for a deposit and / or cancellation fee.
  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve the event date within the first week of accepting the quote, the balance to be paid in full and cleared at least 7 working days prior to the event start date.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and if the event is paid in full for an event less than 30 days away.
  • An idle fee may apply for extensive waiting periods – this will be pre-authorised with the company and invoiced accordingly.
  • Advertised prices are subject to change without prior notification.


  • Your deposit is a non-refundable deposit however the date can be changed as long as we have been notified a minimum of 3 months from your existing booking date and as long as the new date requested is available.
  • Once you have sent in your booking form your booking is confirmed and you are liable for a deposit and / or cancellation fee.


Set Up of Booth

  • iCandi Photobooth is responsible for the delivery, setup, breakdown, and maintenance of the photo booth during the scheduled rental. We will arrive 1, 5 hour prior to the rental to setup the photo booth.
  • Rental hours are counted as consecutive hours with no breaks in run-time. Breaks in the operational time of the photo booth are considered idle time and will be an additional charge at the idle hour rate. 
  • We can arrive earlier to setup the photo booth at the charge of "idle hours". The rate of idle hours is R350 per hour.
  • The rental includes unlimited photo booth sessions and prints during the rental time period. 

Venue Access and Location

  • iCandi Photobooth will deliver the photo booth to your event venue. If the venue obstructs us from delivering the Photo Booth we are not responsible for lost hours of service. Examples of obstructions are; Denied access/area allocated is not, or the venue does not allow photo booths. Please check with your venue that photo booths are allowed.
  • You must ensure there will be suitable parking facilities for our staff at your chosen venue for the duration of your booking for reasonable access.
  • It is your responsibility to supply the correct address and times for the chosen venue.

Hire Period

  • The hire period must be stated on the booking form and agreed by both parties from the start. Use of the booth will start at the agreed time and will finish at the agreed time. If for any instance there is a delay in starting on time due to poor access or venue restrictions we will still keep to the agreed period for hire. If your event starts or runs late, our period of hire will still be for the agreed period and time, unless both parties agree to provide additional hours as per an addition charge or to delay our planned start.
  • Extra hours are pro-rated at R1000 an hour and can be added anytime including at the event. Idle hours are only R350 per hour. To cover the cost of employee drive time and fuel, all events exceeding 30km roundtrip will be charged a travel fee of R5 or the current AA rate per kilometre.
  • If the period falls over dinner or lunch period or exceeds 4 hour, please can you provide food for one or two staff members working (Halaal when needed)

Events beyond our Control

  • iCandi Photobooth will endeavour to attend all events. Where circumstances make this impossible due to, but not limited to adverse weather conditions or an accident. iCandi Photobooth will contact you as early as possible and a full refund will be made.
  • iCandi Photobooth reserves the right to cancel any booking.
  • Load shedding – In the event that there is load shedding iCandi Photobooth is not responsible for the time lost. Should you be aware that there will be load shedding at a particular time we will gladly assist in organising a generator on your behalf. The cost of this will be to the client.

Traffic Delays or Vehicle Breakdowns

  • iCandi Photobooth will always try to arrive at the venue for the agreed time. Where circumstances make this difficult due to severe traffic delays, road accidents or vehicle breakdowns, iCandi Photobooth will extend the end time of the hire to make up for the late start. If this is not possible we will refund you accordingly the amount of time delayed by and in proportion to the amount paid. We will however try our utmost to get to your event as soon as we can and always be in contact with you.

Termination of Hire

  • iCandi Photobooth will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour to any of our staff, as well as not tolerating any abuse of the booth or booth equipment. If any behaviour of this nature does occur iCandi Photobooth has the right to terminate the hire immediately. This applies equally to your guests. iCandi Photobooth may also terminate the hire in the case where our staff feel that equipment belonging to iCandi Photobooth or the booth itself is in danger of or is being damaged due to actions of unruly behaviour.
  • The renter is responsible for ensuring that suitable security and crowd control measures are in place prior to start of event.
  • Wherever possible we will speak to you and the venue to try and resolve the matter before any termination is progressed. If we do terminate the contract for any reason the full cost of hire will remain with iCandi Photobooth and we will not issue any refunds for any period of the hire not carried out.
  • You are fully responsible for any damages caused by you, guests or any other attendees of your event to the booth and the booth equipment.


  • Guestbook styles and designs may vary due to stock supplies. Users will be given two printouts and inform that one is for your guestbook and one for them to keep. It is not iCandi Photobooth responsibility if those pictures are not placed in the book. Any damage to the guestbook during the event is not iCandi Photobooth responsibility. 
  • Our professional attendant will be onsite to make sure the booth is fully operational and to help with guest book if required.


  • A prop box will be provided for guests to use during the rental any loss, damage or theft of props will be charged to the renter from the deposit after the event.
  • There is a refundable deposit of R300 required when booking. Should any props be damaged the full amount will be kept to purchase new props.

Technical Problems

  • If the photo booth is out of use due to technical difficulties, we shall refund you accordingly for the amount of time that the booth has been out of operation and in the proportion to the amount paid for.


  • Emails, Facebook & other social media options require an internet connection, an upload speed of 1MB/ is required for these options to run effectively. A wired connection is preferable as upload speeds depend on the connection however a Wi-Fi connection can be used with the same speed.



Email data capture

  • iCandi Photobooth assistant may collect guest’s details for data capturing.

Use of Photos

  • You agree that all images taken by iCandi Photobooth can be uploaded to the public online web gallery unless otherwise requested and exempt us from responsibility of publishing the images.
  • Images taken in iCandi Photobooth during events may be used by us to assist with the promotion of iCandi Photobooth unless stated otherwise. This may include printed publications as well as online images. We will not use any pictures that may cause offence or embarrassment to the people in the pictures. We will immediately remove any picture from our website if requested to.
  • If you choose to have the Facebook upload option you take responsibility of allowing all users to upload any picture to their own Facebook page. 


  • In all instances iCandi Photobooth will act in what it considers to be the best interest of the client and take steps when required to act to protect the health and safety of people using the booth. Where such actions lead to an early closure of the booth, removal from the service of the booth or any actions likely to cause distress or dissatisfaction, iCandi Photobooth will limit any refunds to the amount of the original booking. This applies to all cases. It in no way will this effect general public liabilities or employers liability insurance matters, which are covered separately.


  • iCandi Photobooth details will be shown as a default at the bottom of each photo strip. We can enter a message or company logo at no cost. If you would like a logo /image personalised a once off design fee of R350 is payable. Please ensure a lead time of 7 days prior to your event for this.


  • Our outer boards can be branded and replaced with your company branding at an additional cost.
  • The measurements will be given to you and you can send the artwork. Or we can provide the art work at an additional cost once you have sent in your booking form your booking is confirmed and you are liable for a deposit and / or cancellation fee.
  • Artwork needs to be approved via email in writing by client before going to print.

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